Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I hate the way that some teens talk about sex, like it is cool to let someone use you body. It is supposed to be an act of love between two people who feel completely at one with another, someone who you know respects you and you feel comfortable with. Not just for the fun of it. It disgusts me when I hear people talking about their sex lives so openly, like it isn't a private matter. It is about love, compassion and intimacy, not one night stands and 'fucking random chicks/guys'. It makes me sick to know that there are young girls out there doing this, thinking that it is normal to let men take advantage of their feelings, and their bodies. It just isn't right.
Then the topic of teenage mothers. I am not against that if the baby is going to be raised in an
appropriate environment, to be happy and healthy and live a good and wholesome life. If the parents of the baby love each other and know that they are ready to take on the responsibility of a child, then it shouldn't be an issue. In conclusion I am purely stating that I hope some teenagers can earn some self respect, and don't give their bodies away to just anyone, anywhere.

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